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Peace of mind can be hard to find when you’re searching through the shadows.
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Cc: @c3hreepo @liesjuliantold
My city

I want to thank @o_camacho for nominating me to do the #icebucketchallenge. I want to nominate @alanversuszhang @mrwesteezy and @liesjuliantold. With the power of a social movement, we all have the power to change for the better. Let’s be better for each other, let’s support each other, and let’s love each other. #findacureforals #findacureforcancer #increasethepeace #stoptheviolence

Last week interviewing @djclarkkent @djtimbuck2 on the current state of #Chicago, for @revolttv cc: @liesjuliantold @c3hreepo
Had the pleasure of attending a very important conference over the last last two days - a call to end the violence and increase the peace in our city headed by the Minister Louis Farrakhan. #putthegunsdown #chicago
🎉#whitesox #chicago🎊
Behind the scenes with @revolttv for Common’s new video featuring Lil Herb and Chance The Rapper. Directed by @verluxe. Cc: @c3hreepo @liesjuliantold